Make mealtime fun for kids! Wouldn´t be amazing if our little ones ate everything that we put in front of them. It would honestly be the best thing ever! 

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Khaya kids collection

Turn fussy eaters into foodies with these adorable sectioned Khaya wood kids plates, perfect for when the tomatoes can't touch the corn, this super cute little rabbit and funny bear is sure to make mealtimes fun! 

Eco-friendly child's plates

Our wooden kids plates are naturally anti-bacterial, ecologically friendly & bio-degradable. Tableware that simply breaks down in the soil just like plants, to leave a clean world for our next generation! 

khaya woodware, wooden kids plate, wooden spoon, wooden cup, rabbit plate

Khaya's kids essentials

We offer beautiful handmade and eco-friendly kids tableware including plates, cups and small spoons, essentials that are not only safe for you & your child but our earth as well. 

Stylish and sustainable 

This carefully curated collection of stylish and 100% sustainable children's tableware is well designed, of superb quality and coated with a natural finish. Serve some fresh fruit, vegetables or pasta in these fun and functional kids plates. Three segment design allows appropriate portioning of meals and the opportunity for you to get creative with your little one’s food.

khaya woodware, woode bear plate, kids plate, wooden spoon, wooden cup

Khaya wood animal plates

Eating is not a game, but this process can be more interesting and engaging for your children with their own animal plate. Cute design of this wooden plate makes meal time fun for everyone and is the perfect addition to your natural lifestyle. Hadcrafted by artisans to last and to passed down to next new borns.

Lovely baby shower gift

These wooden animal plates are great for indoor and outdoor use as well as for camping trips or food photography! And, for sure, it will become a lovely baby shower gift. Or any other celebration, birthday, Christmas, Easter.