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wooden bowl, wooden plate, wooden fork, wooden tableware
wooden bowls, wooden cutting boards, wooden trays, wooden cups
wooden plates, wooden cups, khaya wood, wooden bowls wooden boards

Khaya Woodware

Explore our tableware collection made exclusively of Khaya mahogany wood today. Khaya lifestyle products are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, with a distinctive aesthetic that will add a touch of natural charm to any home and every tablesetting. 

Wooden tableware

Wooden platters

These Khaya platters add a beautiful touch of refined and timeless quality to your kitchen repertoire.

Wooden bowls

These Khaya breakfast, soup and dessert bowls bring a little flair of organic luxury to your tablesetting. 

Houten kinderbord, child plates, wooden plates kids, durable plates

Wooden kids plates

Turn fussy eaters into foodies with these adorable sectioned Khaya wood kids plates. 

wooden cups, wooden bowls, wooden trays

Wooden cups

These timeless cups making a great treat for yourself or as a gift to someone you care for. 

Sustainability in style

Woodware brand Khaya combines style with long-lasting design. We offer you an eco-friendly tableware collection including bowls, plates, cups and cutting boards. All our products are handcrafted from 100% natural Khaya mahogany wood, sustainably sourced and free of harmful lacquer.

Minimalistic design

The natural variety of colors and grain patterns is a testament to the uniqueness of each Khaya product. All items carry a rich reddish mahogany brown appearance and have a minimalistic Japanese inspired design, that makes it a sophisticated and serene addition to your tablescape.

Eco-conscious lifestyle 

Many of us are making more lifestyle decisions based on sustainability. And purchasing products made to last, that will not fuel the throwaway nature of the modern world and don't affect the environment throughout its useful life, is a great step in the right direction.

Close to nature 

Our beautiful woodware with timeless qualities, created by people with a passion for what they do, is especially designed for you! The Khaya wood's warmth provides you the feeling of nature, the earthy tones give you an exquisite sense of relaxation and quietness.

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100% natural & unique 

Khaya's durable design, stylish chic look, and the use of an extremely smooth surface ensure that these items can be saved for the most prized of occasions or enjoyed for every day use.

  • 100% natural, no harmful lacquer
  • Durable, reusable and long-lasting
  • Unique products, no two are exactly alike
  • Artful mahogany wood grain patterns

New! Appetizer serving tray

Entice your guests with appetizers, pastries and other delicacies served on a minimalistic and aesthetic wooden tray. Striking in its simplicity, this natural Khaya wood tray mixes beautifully with wood or ceramic serving pieces. Its curved edges and subtle wood grain perfectly present crudités, sushi rolls or a selection of fine cheeses and fruit. Also nice for small breakfasts, cocktails and combined with our square bowls. Let the party begin!

Khaya kids collection

Turn fussy eaters into foodies with these adorable sectioned Khaya wood kids plates, perfect for when the strawberries can't touch the blackberries, this cute little rabbit and funny bear is sure to make mealtimes fun! 

Eco-friendly child's plates

Our wooden kids plates are naturally anti-bacterial, ecologically friendly & bio-degradable. Tableware that simply breaks down in the soil just like plants, to leave a clean world for our next generation! 

Houten kinderbord, houten babybord, houten kinderservies, houten duurzaam bordje

Buy natural eco-conscious pieces of art!

Khaya unites sustainability, practicality and aesthetics in an artful tableware collection. Each unique collection piece represents pureness, quality and artisanship. We consider our products as the perfect gift for someone you care for, with love for nature! 

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"Beautifully designed plates. Our kids are gonna like that!"

Sanne Vogel

Director, Writer, Actrice & Foodie.

"I have to admit that I am a huge fan. Ordered products were beautifully wrapped and fast deliverd! Perfect for any Asian food but especially for sushi. Stylish design and on top of that: all products are sustainable!"

Jori Trouw

"Stylish tableware, I have lots of products. Ideal gift items or as a treat for yourself! The quality is excellent and it's really an eyecatcher on my table setting. I strongly recommend these products!"

Simone Koedam

"I am very happy with these Khaya products! Nice and trendy looking bowls to serving dips or tapas. Looks stunning on my table, and in my cupboard. The products are quick and easy to clean by hand."

Annabelle Romijn

Keep informed about Khaya

We are continuing develop new products that will help make our table scape more and more thoughtful and sustainable environments. Follow us on our socials to keep informed.