khaya woodware sustainable lifestyle wooden hand made prodcuts nice gift items

Sustainable lifestyle

We encourage people to make more sustainable and ethical choices. Live your life eco-conscious, intertwined with nature! Wood is 100% natural, renewable and reduces CO2 emissions, which helps slow down the climatic change that we’re currently facing and will also help clean your air.

Timeless simplicity

We believe simplicity, quality, and artisanship are tenets of a better way of life. From our wooden hand-turned bowls to our serving trays, each handcrafted piece carries a story that lends meaning, authenticity, and grace to every use.

khaya woodware eco-friendly tableware wooden bowl plates and boards for a sustainable lifestyle

Eco-friendly tableware

We are making everyday items sustainable and beautiful; high-quality goods that are healthier for you — and healthier for our planet. Khaya wood is a great planet-friendly alternative to (single-use) plastic.

Designed to last

Our products are designed to last and to enjoy for ever. We truthly believe that the love of using handmade items in our everyday lives and the simple pleasures of using a hand-turned wooden bowl for our meal, can make our day more brightful.