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12 September 2020, by Lucienne

Sustainable living

Sustainable living does not mean that you have to live an uncomfortable life. It means that you consciously think about the stuff and the energy that you use, and about the choices you make every day. Maybe you already know that it is good to recycle, reduce your use of plastic, save energy and reduce your CO2 emissions. But you can do much more.

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Sustainable living tips

Eat more plants and less meat, or take your bike instead of your car for short city trips. Buy less trendy stuff but buy more timeless products which will guarantee to last long. Don't waste food, there are plenty receipies of leftover meals. And they taste good! And recycle or reuse your goods as much as possible. A wooden plate is also nice as a candle holder or a plant dish. Think twice before you trash it.

Houten serviesgoed, houten borden, houten schalen, houten bekers, duurzaam cadeau, eco-gift, milieubewust shoppen

Natural materials will do well

Choose natural materials for your home interior and decoration style, such as cotton, wool, wood and linen. This is good for the indoor climate, as well as for your health, and if you add also a few plants to your interior, you'll be doing right, because plants purify the air.

Do you want more sustainable tips, check out this website: Wereld Natuur Fonds.